Spreading your story in a new way! A new social network community

INPLY offers a new and simple solution to organize users' discussion and promotional marketing plan for websites.

Why is Inply?

INPLY is a service which allows users to discuss with each other easily via their available authentication on another Social Network Services. INPLY automatically collect users' public information to create new social relationships, then help them to join in discussions, share information, and promote brands and so on.

A new solution for online promotional marketing

INPLY offers a convenient and effective method to manage users’ comments or to help managers collect information for promotion strategies base on accumulated data. INPLY accepts users’ authentication from the 3rd-party services such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, Naver and Kakao Talk and so on. It boost your website's advertisement and enhances the communication environment among users.

Easy Installation

It is easy to integrate the INPLY plugin on your website by adding few HTML script lines. Guide


Administrators can track users' comments which are posted on their websites in real time by using a PC dashboard or smart phone app. In the opposite way, users can interact with each other and manage their comments on different websites